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HN_Post: Back Post 8

This series of posts consist of entries from my personal journal before I created this community to house them. Any information in this is outdated and thus the reason why I've disabled comments in select ones. Any fics or artwork is still up for concrit and comment but I'd just wanted to remind any browsers of my labeling for these particular posts.

About This Entry: Another artwork entry! This time I have a preview available to show how wonderful it is to look on under the lj cuts on these Back Posts. The full size image is below obviously, but for my own records I also included the community post in hetalia where it was first featured. That's it for this entry: comment and enjoy!


[Artwork] Sophisticated Art

Title: Sophisticated Art
Artist: Hadamega_ne
Character(s) / Pairing(s): America
Rating / Warnings: Super G, Super cuteness
Disclaimer: I do not own APH, I own only this composition.
Summary: Chibi!America engaging in some culture.


Would you say that I've improved since you last saw art from me fanfic be damned ?


Tags: artwork, character: us, fandom: axis powers hetalia, hn_post: bps

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